The Hidden Catalyst Behind The Alt Coin Boom

Asia Leads the Way

The Hidden Catalyst Behind The Alt Coin Boom

I’ve been tracking crypto developments in Asia for many years. And the biggest win of my career came from the Asian market.

In early 2017, I uncovered a token that was similar to Ethereum (ETH) called Neo (NEO) that was focusing on the Asian market.

At the time, Neo was trading for just 13 cents. What happened next shocked me and my entire team.

Neo exploded to $196. That’s a 151,323% gain – enough to turn $1,000 into over $1.5 million. All in less than a year.

Here’s why I’m telling you this…

Most people don’t know this because it’s not something the mainstream media in the United States pays attention to. But last year, China allowed crypto exchanges to begin servicing retail investors in its Hong Kong territory.

This new “open door” policy is turning Hong Kong into the next crypto hub. I believe this new policy will be incredibly bullish for bitcoin and Ethereum. We could see their prices double or triple from here.

But the biggest winners will come from a tiny subsector of the crypto market that the mainstream media is sleeping on.

I’m talking about meme coins.

If you followed my old research advisories, you know I avoided meme coins like the plague.

They have no long-term value.... They have few if any real-life applications… In short, they have almost no utility.

Recently, though, my view of these coins has changed. That’s because over the past few months, I’ve researched crazy stories about everyday folk getting rich from them.

For instance, one guy turned $6,000 into $366,300 investing in meme coins in March. Most people will need to spend their entire lives saving money to come close to reaching that kind of nest egg.

In the past, I didn’t recommend meme coins because I didn’t fully understand how to value them. But what I’ve come to learn is that when conditions are perfectly aligned, you can make life-changing gains from them.

And we’re seeing those conditions come together in Asia…

Asia Leads the Way

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