The #1 Most Trusted Expert In Cryptocurrency

Hi, I’m Teeka Tiwari, the world's most trusted cryptocurrency analyst and investing expert. That title didn’t come from me. 130,000 independent analysts voted me the most trusted source in crypto. 

I help people understand what crypto assets and the blockchain are, how they work, and how you can use them to make life-changing wealth.

I also teach the decision-making skills and mindset needed to handle the gut-wrenching volatility of crypto investing.  I believe a basket of well chosen crypto assets can change your financial life forever. But without the right mindset you’ll never hold them long enough for you to experience the life changing effects they can have.

That is because there are the most volatile assets I have ever encountered. It’s key to your success as a crypto investor that you have a strategy for both selecting and HOLDING ON to your crypto assets no matter the volatility.

There are many self-proclaimed experts out there spreading false information about what to buy and why to buy. My personal mission is to empower you to be able to make your own decisions. I want to give you the mental framework you can use to be your own crypto guru.

Meet Teeka Tiwari

I’ve been a former hedge fund manager, Wall Street Executive, Financial News Personality, and now a Crypto expert, you may think my life has always been great. But statistically speaking, I should not be where I am today.

I grew up with NOTHING. My family had nothing. Instead, I had the adults in my life push me around like a chess piece on a board. In fact, I can still recall the day my mom had me dropped off in a foster home because she could no longer afford to take care of me.

At the age of 12, I remember watching a TV show about a new social class of people in London called Young Urban Professionals, or “Yuppies.” They worked in the equivalent of Wall Street in the UK. And at that moment I fell in love with the vision of working on Wall Street. To me, it represented freedom.

I would spend nights sitting on the floor in my room staring at magazine pictures of New York and Wall Street fantasizing about being part of that world.

And when I turned 16, I moved to New York. I had $150 in my pocket and the clothes I was wearing. 

Two years later, I landed an entry-level job at Lehman Brothers.

And by the age of 20, I became the youngest Vice President in Shearson Lehman history, making more money than I had ever thought possible.