You Could Have Booked Two Years of Market Gains on This One Trade

Double-Digit Gains In Less than One Week

You Could Have Booked Two Years of Market Gains on This One Trade

Over the past eight years, I’ve recommended 27 crypto picks across my publications that have jumped by more than 1,000%.

They include peak gains of 36,696% on Binance (BNB), 156,753% on Neo (NEO), and 48,611% on Ethereum (ETH).

The average holding period of the massive winners was about two years.

Now, I’m proud that I’ve arguably helped make more millionaires in crypto than any other newsletter editor in the business.

But I have a confession to make…

Despite my repeated pleadings to hold on to their positions… Many of my readers just couldn’t handle the volatility and bailed.

Unfortunately, they left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

If you’ve followed me over those years – or just recently joined me at Digital Asset Daily – you know I’m bullish long-term on crypto.

But the opportunity to make those life-changing gains come at a price: Volatility.

Most people fear volatility. But if you understand how to harness it like I do, you can use volatility to your advantage. And potentially make double-digit and even triple-digit gains in weeks instead of years from this asset class.

My readers had the chance to do that back on March 10, 2023.

That was the very same day Silicon Valley Bank went under. And I saw an opportunistic buying opportunity in bitcoin.

At the time, it was the second-largest bank implosion in U.S. history. The market panicked. And bitcoin dropped from $25,000 to under $20,000.

Here’s what I wrote back then:

These opportunistic sell-offs that we’re seeing, which have nothing to do with the underlying fundamentals, are great buying opportunities… So what I would suggest is to continue dollar-cost averaging. I’ve said before that below $20,000, you can put opportunistic capital to work.”

A week after I made that prediction bitcoin hit $19,569. That pullback gave my readers the opportunity to put capital to work exactly where I told them to. Seven days later bitcoin hit $27,500. That’s a 39% gain in seven days. By comparison, the average annual gain for the S&P 500 is 10.3%.

I’m telling you this because I recently gave you an opportunity to make similar short-term gains in another cryptocurrency.

And just like bitcoin, those short-term gains are only the beginning.

Double-Digit Gains In Less than One Week

On May 13, I wrote a Digital Asset Daily essay called “Why Now Is a Great Time to Buy Ethereum.” You can read it right here.

At the time of publication, ETH was trading at about $2,900. Here’s what I wrote:

Right now, investor sentiment behind Ethereum is pretty bad. Earlier this year, hopes ran high that the Securities and Exchange Commission would be quick to approve an Ethereum exchange-traded fund by May 23.

In anticipation of approval, we saw the price of ETH leap higher from its January low of $2,100 to as high as $4,100 on March 11.

Since then, much has changed on the ETF front.

According to Polymarket, the world's largest prediction market, there’s just an 11% chance that the SEC approves a spot Ethereum ETF by May 23. Four months ago, the odds were 76%.

Because investor sentiment is so negative, it means the rejection of a spot Ethereum ETF by the SEC is already priced in. So, if the worst case is already priced in… We have to ask ourselves what happens if the SEC does approve an Ethereum ETF?”

Well, we got that answer on Monday.

According to Bloomberg analysts, the odds that the SEC will approve a spot Ethereum ETF have increased to 75% from 25%.

ETH surged 19% on the news. And the Ethereum trust I recommended – the Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE) – rose more than 24%. Based on the date of my initial recommendation, ETH and ETHE are up 24% and 35% respectively.

Remember, the average annual gain on the S&P 500 is about 10.3%. That means you had the opportunity to pull forward as much as three years worth of market gains in less than a week by following my recommendation.

As I predicted in my May 13 essay:

Whichever choice you make, by buying Ethereum right here, right now, either on the open market or via the ETHE, you’ll be doing the opposite of what most investors are doing… And that, my friends, is how you make the big money.”

Friends, if you added some ETH to your short-term trading stack based on my recommendation, I want you to congratulate yourself.

Use a portion of those profits to buy a nice gift for yourself or your significant other.

But I only recommend you take some profits off your trading stack.

If you own ETH in your long-term core holdings, you’ll want to keep holding… Because like bitcoin, I believe ETH will go much higher from here.

Making Profits Over the Short and Long Term

Longtime readers know I believe that in the future, every asset will be tokenized.

That means stocks, bonds, titles of ownership, music rights – everything of value – will have their ownership rights secured by a blockchain.

Ethereum is the world’s most widely used blockchain platform to trade tokenized assets.

So, to me it’s clear that Ethereum will eventually be the world’s most important global trade network.

That’s because you can tokenize and trade nearly any asset class on Ethereum using NFT technology and smart contracts.

We estimate the combined value of all global assets to be about $844 trillion. In time, I expect Ethereum to swallow up many of these assets.

In March, Ethereum generated $38.4 million in daily transactions as network fees spiked from a surge in usage. That translates to roughly $14 billion in transaction fees per year.

As Ethereum becomes the global trade network for all tokenized assets, I believe we could see the network sustain these levels of network fees.

To get a sense of what these earnings translate to in terms of a valuation, we can attach an earnings multiple to it.

Today, tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple trade at an average earnings multiple of 39.

But when factoring the higher growth rates, I believe Ethereum could command an earnings multiple three times that of these companies.

If so, we’d see Ethereum trade at $1.65 trillion or $13,768 per ETH. That’s a 275% increase from today’s price.

Friends, this is why I love crypto so much.

No other asset class gives you the opportunity to make double and triple-digit gains in the short-term due to its volatility – while positioning you to make life-changing six- and seven-digit gains over the long term.

Let the Game Come to You!™

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